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White Label AI

The Most Powerful White Label AI Platform for Agencies 🚀

Bring your clients, payments and AI agents under one roof.

Built for Digital Marketing, A.I. & Automation agencies.

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Custom AI Chatbots

The #1 AI Automation Agency Platform

Stammer AI is built using the community development method. We listen to what you want, and then we build it.


Dan Lawless

Agency Owner

Stammer.ai is next level when it comes to white-label ability. It really streamlines the process of running an agency and seamlessly managing sub-accounts. What a cool tool! Excited to see where this business grows. Keep up the good work!


Brock Jones

CEO at Digitl Inc.

This is probably the easiest way to start a white-label SaaS agency, and it has the most robust feature set I've seen so far. It's been super helpful to be able to talk with the team and get it setup right for my clients as well.


Ben Dubberley

Agency Owner

Stammer.ai is super easy to train and implement! It offers effective communication and solutions for your customers very fast. It has absurd potential and I'm excited to grow with it. If you need an AI chatbot, this will be an absolute game changer for your business!


Brock Mesarich

AAA Content Creator

Lots of the chatbot softwares on the market over complicate the process. Stammer does the opposite... The easy to use functions, as well as the whitelabel aspect set Stammer apart from the rest of the products on the market. Not to mention Ross is an awesome down to earth guy!


Lukas Hotovy

Agency Owner

First of all, the product/service is top notch, improved every week and that's just the beginning, there's so much more to come! Second, the team behind all this, is just amazing! Customer support is on the highest level, any issues I had were resolved and every feedback was considered or even implemented! So overall, there is nothing bad to say! Looking forward for the future with this!


Robert James

Agency Owner

It's a all in one software run by great people. I had a introduction call with Drew, the man was amazing. Answered all of my questions and explained it thoroughly. I'll be doing a further review to let you all know it's been going further down the line. Highly recommend and the fact that keep you updated with all the tech is great. Thanks Drew.

Custom AI Chatbots

More than just AI Chatbots 🤖

Create AI agents that can answer questions, generate leads, schedule appointments and more.

Immediate Lead Follow Up

Build custom A.I. solutions for your clients that automatically follows up with every lead on every communication channel.

AI Lead Generation

Extract user's responses/ answers from the conversation and send to your client's CRM to update structured contact data

AI Appointment Setters

The AI agent will go to your calendar, check for availability and chat with the user to schedule an appointment.

Custom AI Chatbots

100% White Label AI Saas

Rebrand the entire Stammer AI platform as your own SaaS and sell directly to your clients.

Your Domain Name & Logo

Customize the entire platform with your agency's domain, name & logo. (app.stammer.ai 👉 app.yourdomain.com)

Custom Embed Links & API

Everything in the dashboard; including share links, embed links, and even the API will rebranded for your agency and your clients.

Your New Revenue Stream

Connect your Stripe account and sell subscription products to add a new monthly recurring revenue stream to your agency.

Custom AI Chatbots

Easily Deploy AI for Any Business 😈

Regardless of wherever your client's customers are talking, your AI agents will immediately engage.

Conversational AI Chatbots

Create AI agents that work 24/7/365 - chatting with leads in over 160+ languages, on every channel your users are active.

Connect AI to Everything

Establish the backbone of your AI offer which allows your clients to connect AI agents to any platform they use.

Use AI to Enhance Your Workflow

No more trading your time for money. Create your white label AI agents and sell to others on the marketplace.

Support For Your Agency 🤝

Connect with industry-leading agencies for insights, advice, and a glimpse into how the best are deploying AI for client success.

Weekly Office Hours

Every Tuesday from 11am-12pm PST we have open office hours where anyone can join to ask questions and get help with their agency.

1-on-1 Onboarding

No more trading your time for money. Create your white label AI agents and sell to others on the marketplace.

Public Roadmap

No more trading your time for money. Create your white label AI agents and sell to others on the marketplace.

Start Your AI Agency in Minutes

Start Your AI Agency in Minutes



per month, billed monthly

For agencies just getting started.

  • White Label Dashboard + API

  • 5+ A.I. Agents

  • 5 Sub-Accounts

  • 5k Message Credits /mo

  • White Label Free Trials

  • White Label Documentation

  • VIP Onboarding



per month, billed monthly

For growing agencies with a client base.

  • White Label Dashboard + API

  • 30+ A.I. Agents

  • 30 Sub-Accounts

  • 30k Message Credits /mo

  • White Label Free Trials

  • White Label Documentation

  • VIP Onboarding



per month, billed monthly

🔥 For agencies looking to scale quickly.

  • White Label Dashboard + API

  • 100+ A.I. Agents

  • Unlimited Sub-Accounts

  • 100k Message Credits /mo

  • White Label Free Trials

  • White Label Documentation

  • VIP Onboarding

👆White Label AI Exclusive!

Get 50% off when purchasing a quarterly plan (for life).

Custom AI Chatbots

Everything You Need to Start Your AI Agency

All plans, including the free trial support full white labeling & access to the platform!



Full SaaS

🛠️ White Label Dashboard

Add your logo & custom domain to rebrand Stammer as your own SaaS.

👥 Client Sub-Accounts

Each client sub-account can have as many chatbots & users as needed.

5 Sub-Accounts

30 Sub-Accounts

Unlimited Sub-Accounts

🤖 Custom A.I. Agents

Additional A.I. agents start at $15 /mo.

5+ A.I. Agents

30+ A.I. Agents

100+ A.I. Agents

💳 A.I. Message Credits

Credit usage will be reset at the beginning of each billing cycle. Auto billing is available to purchase additional credits at $0.0029 /credit.

5k credits /month

30k credits /month

100k credits /month

🧠 Custom Knowledge Base

Upload documents, scrape websites and use Q/A data to train each A.I. agent to understand everything about a business.

📅 A.I. Appointment Scheduler

Train your A.I. agent to become an appointment scheduler that works 24/7 for your business.

✅ White Label Free Trials

Offer free trial accounts with a variable amount of message credits to your clients (no CC required).

💬 Conversational Lead Generation

Create custom fields and have the AI ask users questions. Their responses will be extracted from the conversation and added to their contact info.

🔥 White Label API Access

A fully white labeled API to connect A.I. agents to any 3rd party app.

📚 White Label Support Documentation

Pre-made support documentation for your users, customized to your agency on how to use the platform, create and optimize A.I. agents.

💰 SaaS Subscriptions & Auto Re-Billing

Connect your Stripe account to sell subscriptions and message credits directly to your clients, so you make money on every A.I. message sent.

🤝 Dedicated VIP Onboarding

This includes a 1-on-1 support call where one of our team members will help you create your first AI agent and deploy it into a CRM or website.

👨‍💻 Staff & User Accounts

You and your clients can add as many staff/ users as you want to the platform.




🙋‍♂️ Community Development Access

Join our Discord and help influence how we are building out the platform.

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