AI Lead Generation

✅ AI agents will ask the user questions & collect their responses

Qualify unlimited contacts into a flow based on their answers

✅ Provide estimates, calculations and offers immediately in-chat

Lead Generation (AI) Explained

In this example, the AI assistant will ask the user (who wants to sell their house) some questions, collect and send the responses to a CRM system, and then generate a quote for the home for the user to review before scheduling a meeting inside the chat.

Ask the User Questions

Collect the User's Responses

Send Collected Data to Any Platform

1. AI Agent Asks the Questions

The AI agent will engage users in a natural conversation, asking them questions and collecting their responses.

2. The User Responds

The user will answer the AI agent's questions by providing information about their property.

3. AI Agent Collects the Data

During the conversation, the AI agent will collect the user's answers, including personal info like phone number.

4. AI Agent Custom Functions

After the user answers all the questions, the AI will estimate the home's value based on the user's responses, using a calculation set by the realtor.

5. Send Data to Other Platform

The AI agent will send the collected lead data to your CRM so you can maintain an updated pipeline

✅ The Result of This AI Agent?

✅ 1. New lead is generated

✅ 2. Lead data is collected to qualify the user

✅ 3. Lead data is automatically sent to CRM to update pipeline

The Prompt for this AI Agent

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See How this AI Agent will Schedule an Appointment

AI agents will chat with user to find a time that works best for them and then will automatically schedule the appointment on your calendar.

Let AI Capture the Information

AI agents will chat with users, ask questions, save their answers & then send the data to your CRM.

Agency Automation

Webhooks help automate routine tasks to save time.

AI Lead Generation (CRM)

Integrate with any CRM system for pipeline management.

AI Customer Support

24/7/365 instant, automated customer assistance.

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