AI Appointment Setters

✅ Connect your calendar so AI agents can see your availability

✅ AI agents will find a time that works best for you and the user

✅ Use AI to schedule 15x more appointments for 10x less cost

AI Scheduling Simplified

The best way for users to schedule a meeting is for the AI agent to provide a calendar link.

When the user wants to book a meeting, the AI agent provides the link.

The AI agent can ask the user if they want to book a meeting, and then provides the link.

Create custom scenarios where the AI agent 'detects' when the user wants to book a meeting, and then provides the link.

AI Agent Scheduling 🧪 Experimental

In this example, after the AI agent will ask the user if they want to schedule a meeting and proceed to scheduling the meeting inside the conversation. (This is an experimental custom function that users can modify as needed)

Get Current Availability From Your Calendar

Find a Time that Works Best for You & the User

Schedules the Meeting on Your Calendar

1. AI Agent Asks for the Meeting

Based on the AI agent's prompt instructions, the user will receive a ballpark offer and be asked if they want to schedule a meeting to discuss the quote with an realtor agent.

2. AI Sends Current Availability

The AI agent will go to the connected Google calendar and check for current availability and provide the user with a few time slots.

3. User Selects a Time Slot

The user can chat back and forth with the AI agent to find a time that works best for both parties.

4. Meeting is Scheduled

After the user selects a time slot and provides their email, the AI agent will create a new event directly on your calendar.

5. Automatically Fill Your Calendar

New meetings will show up directly on your calendar.

✅ The Result of This AI Agent?

1. Lead data is automatically sent to CRM to update pipeline.

2. New appointment is scheduled directly on a team member's calendar.

3. Meeting is booked directly in the chat without the user having to go to another platform.

The Prompt for this AI Agent

Code Display Textbox

AI Agents for Customer Support

See How this AI Agent Auto Update Itself to Stay Up-To-Date 24/7 With the Latest Data.

✅ New Appointment Scheduled

AI agents will chat with users, ask questions, and save their answers.

Appointment Scheduling

Schedule appointments directly through an AI chat conversation.

AI Inbound Sales SDR

Qualifies incoming leads and sets up sales meetings.

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