AI SaaS Configurator

The SaaS configurator allows agencies to have advanced control over the creation and management of subscription packages to sell to clients.

🚀 Create custom priced subscription packages

✅ Set your profit margin on each AI message

💰 You keep 100% of your profits

Easily Create AI Subscription Packages

With agencies can easily monetize the AI agents they are building and selling to their clients.

Create Subscription Packages

Create subscription tiers for clients, detailing the number of AI agents, credits, and storage for each package.

Set Your Pricing

Set different billing cycles to provide your clients with multiple different pricing offers.

Set Permissions

Turn on/ off different features and functions that your clients will have access to when after subscribing.

Trial & Credits

Provide an optional free trial to your clients along with the ability to add a certain amount of credit to their account.

AI Message Rebilling

Make money on each AI message sent by your customers depending on the AI model they are using.

Create AI Subscription Packages

Selling and managing the AI agents for a business has been simplified to easily create different offers for each of your clients.

Step 1

Set Your Pricing

Control the pricing and billing frequency for each subscription package. (Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly)

Step 2

Configure Options

Configure the permissions, amount of AI agents & storage included, if there is a free trial etc. Everything is customizable.

Step 3

Share with Clients

Share your white labeled payment links directly with clients.

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