How Do AI Agents Actually Work?

AI agents are built through writing a prompt to tell it how to interact with users, find information in it's knowledge base and perform certain custom functions.

🧠 Add data to train the AI on info it should

👨‍💻 Write a prompt for the AI to follow

🤖 Deploy and integrate the AI anywhere

Custom AI at Your Fingertips

Building an AI agent or understanding used to be confusing - Stammer simplified the process for you.

Step 1

Add Data

Upload data to train the AI agent's knowledge base "brain".

Step 2

Add Instructions

Customize the AI agent's base system prompt "instructions" on how to act.

Step 3

Add Integrations

Integrate with other platforms to engage & automate actions.

AI "Technical" Breakdown

See how the AI agent processes and responds to user input.

Use Latest AI Models

Leverage the most advanced AI models available.

Custom Prompt

Teach the AI agent to talk the way you want.

Custom Functions

Connect to other platforms to send/ receive data.

Custom Branding

Add your name, logo, domain, colors etc.

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