White Labeled From the Ground Up 🏗️

Stammer.ai was built from the ground up for agencies who are white labeling software and selling it to others.

🚀 Everything is fully white labeled

✅ (New) White Label API

💰 Sell your own SaaS without the startup costs

#1 White Label AI SaaS Platform

All the different ways you can white label the Stammer AI platform.

Custom Domain

When adding a custom domain you are changing every link from stammer.ai to yourdomain.com.

Custom Name & Logo

Rename the platform to be whatever you want and upload your logo to be shown to users in the dashboard.

Custom Signup/ Login Page

Add your own custom image to the signup and login pages so users are interacting with your brand from day 1.

White Label API

White Label API refers to the customized version of the Stammer.ai API which allows you to connect AI chatbots with any other platform. Instead of it showing links for stammer it will show links based on your custom domain.

Custom Dashboard Styling

Change the colors of the elements throughout the platform to match your company's branding.

White Label Documentation

Built in support for your clients where they can learn about how to use the platform right away.

White Label Marketplace

This is a marketplace of AI agents only shown to your client sub-account users who are logged in to your white label app.

White Label Free Trials

Offer free trials (no credit card required) to your clients under your white label dashboard.

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