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✅ AI agents are always online ready to go 24/7

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Customer Service AI Explained

The Customer Support AI chatbot increases customer satisfaction by offering immediate answers, support info, and ability to give additional support resources, which increases revenue and reduces email support costs.


Answer questions about the product/ service


Offer support info, links and resources as needed


Increases customer satisfaction with immediate answers

1. User Asks a Question

The user will land on a website and look for a chat widget to engage and ask a question.

2. AI Agent Responds

The AI agent will take the user's question, search through the knowledge base, formulate a response and send to the user attaching any relevant support materials.

3. Up to Date Information (24hr scraper)

The AI agent uses a 24-hour scraper to ensure it provides the most relevant and up-to-date information during conversations.

4. AI Agent Provides Sources

When available, the AI agent provides sources for its answers, offering specific links to help users find further information.

5. User Issues Get Resolved FAST!

AI agents quickly answer questions saving businesses a ton of money by reducing the time and resources spent on customer support.

✅ The Result of This AI Agent?

✅ 1. Happier Customers

✅ 2. Reduces Emails & Support Tickets

✅ 3. Reduced Support Costs

The Prompt for this AI Agent

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See How this AI Agent will Collect the User's Information

AI agents can chat with users, ask questions, save their answers and send all of the collected data to any 3rd party platform.

Custom AI Agents are a Click Away!

The Stammer AI platform hyper simplifies the process of creating new AI agents.

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