Train AI Agents with Custom Data

Train AI agents by pasting text, uploading files, scraping websites, and adding Q/A pairs so it learns all it needs to perform its job.

Knowledge Base 🧠 Data Types

All the different ways you can add custom data to train AI agents.

Copy & Paste Text

Simply paste in text to train the AI chatbot.

Upload Documents

You can upload different files like .pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx etc.

Scrape Websites (24/7)

Scrape any webpage(s) to add all of the content to your knowledge base.

Question/ Answer Pairs

Add specific question and answer pairs so the AI agent will respond in that specific way when asked.

Google Doc

Make a Google Doc viewable by anyone, then paste the share link in the website scraper to gather all its data.

Notion, Drive & More!

Create a new notion doc that is viewable by anyone and then paste the link into the scraper for it to pull all of that information as well.

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