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👉 No CC required • No coding required • Takes 5-min or less

Build AI Agents in 5-min or Less

Stammer AI simplifies the process of creating AI agents, bypassing the challenges of older, complex platforms.

Step 1

Add Data

Upload data to train the AI agent's knowledge base (brain).

Step 2

Add Instructions

Customize the AI agent's base system prompt (instructions) on how to act.

Step 3

Add Integrations

Integrate with other platforms to engage users & automate actions.

Every Business Needs AI

In the next 3-5 years, every business will adopt AI into their operation for one of the following reasons...

Massive Savings for Support

Create AI agents that work 24/7/365 and can resolve support issues in less than 2 mins compared to 11 mins.

AI and Automation

Use AI agents to automate boring tasks like entering data into a CRM and creating support materials.

AI Will Enhance Replace

No more trading your time for money. Create your white label AI agents and sell to others on the marketplace.

AI Agent Trained on Stammer.ai Docs

The AI agent below is trained on all of the Stammer.ai support documentation.

1 AI Agent = ~700 Humans

Train Stammer AI agents to handle 98%+ of conversations for any business, on any channel.

Train on Company Data

Scrape data from any website, Notion, Google Docs, or upload files directly (PDF, DOCX etc) to automatically keep your company's data up to date (every 24hrs).

Add Custom Functions

Example: when someone wants to book a meeting, the AI agent will go to your calendar, check for availability and chat with the user to schedule an appointment.

Add AI Agents Everywhere

Use one of the native white label integrations or take advantage of the white label API to connect directly with your CRM, Zapier or any other 3rd party platform.

Agencies Love Stammer.ai

"I've tried a lot of these AI platforms, and Stammer is by far the easiest to use..." - Zachary (Agency Owner)

AI SaaS Configurator

Create AI subscription plans, set profit margins, and sell a fully white labeled AI SaaS to as many clients as you want.

AI Subscription Packages

Sell AI Agents directly to as many clients as you want, for whatever price you want.

Automated Payments

Connect your Stripe account (or use API) to create subscription packages that will automatically charge your clients every month.

Keep 100% of Your Profits

Scale your AI agency without having to worry about scaled costs. What you sell it for, is what you keep. Stammer takes 0%.

All-In-One AI SaaS Platform

Everything you need to create, sell and manage AI Agents.

Selling as Your Own AI SaaS

Customize Everything As Your Own

Easily Build & Manage AI Agents

Support For You 🤝

Connect with the Stammer team to get help with building and selling AI Agents.

Weekly Office Hours

Every Tuesday from 11am-12pm PST we have open office hours where anyone can join to ask questions and get help with their agency.

Community Development

Stammer is developed openly, sharing all updates and gathering community feedback to enhance the product with features that AI agencies need and use daily.

AI Agency Discord

Join our every growing AI agency community in Discord. It's free to join!

👆 New videos posted weekly on the Stammer YouTube channel weekly!

Pricing to Accelerate Your Growth

Stammer breaks away from "traditional" pricing models, so you don't have to worry about paying for extra user seats or increased costs as you scale.

💰 Most Affordable


$49 /mo

$25 in Credit at Sign Up

  • 5 AI Agents

  • 5M Characters (Storage)

  • Custom Knowledge Base

  • Website Chat Widget

  • Unlimited Users & Contacts

  • All Integrations

  • Email & Chat Support

  • Unlimited Messages

The Starter plan is for beginners learning to build AI agents and does not include white labeling.

🔥 Most Popular


$197 /mo

$100 in Credit at Sign Up

Everything in Starter +

  • ALL White Label Features

  • 20 AI Agents

  • 20 Client Sub-Accounts

  • 20M Characters (Storage)

  • AI Appointment Scheduler

  • Capture Leads/ User Emails

  • API & Webhooks

  • Weekly Office Hours

The Agency plan is for agencies ready to use all white label features to sell AI agents to their clients.

🚀 Most Powerful


$497 /mo

$250 in Credit at Sign Up

Everything in Agency +

  • Unlimited AI Agents

  • Unlimited Client Sub-Accounts

  • 50M Characters (Storage)

  • Bring Your Own OpenAI API Key ⭐️

  • Private Discord Chat

  • Access to New Features

Full SaaS Mode allows you to sell your own AI SaaS to unlimited clients.

Need More Power?

Extra Messages

Add funds to your wallet to cover the cost of each AI message sent.

  • GPT-3.5 = $0.005 /message

  • GPT-4 Turbo = $0.05 /message

  • GPT-4o = $0.02 /message

Upgrade to Full SaaS Mode to

use your own API key!

Extra AI Agents

Purchase additional AI Agents to use or to resell to your clients.

  • $10 /month = +1 AI Agent

Upgrade to Full SaaS Mode to get

Unlimited AI Agents for Free!

Extra Storage

Buy extra storage (characters) so you can add more data to your AI agents.

  • $5 /month = +1M Characters

Did you know that you can resell extra storage to clients for whatever price you want?

Profit Calculator

Calculate Your Profit with Stammer.ai


Your agency's cost per AI Agent is: $0.00 per AI Agent


Your Monthly Profit: $0.00 per month

Your Yearly Profit: $0.00 per year

Want Unlimited Power?


Custom Pricing

  • Unlimited AI Agents

  • Unlimited Sub-Accounts

  • Unlimited Characters (Storage)

  • Use Your Own API Keys

  • Custom Built Integrations

  • Local Storage

  • Self Hosting

  • Custom Dashboard Changes

What's the TL;DR for Stammer.ai?

Stammer.ai is a platform that allows you to build, sell and manage AI agents while white labeling (rebranding) the entire platform (names, colors, logos, links etc.) as your own.

How do AI Agents work?

These AI agents can be built for pretty much any use case - customer support chatbots, internal documentation recall, sales outreach, lead generation, scheduling appointments and more - basically anything you can think of and write a prompt for.

How much do messages cost?

For each AI Agent you can select whichever AI model you want to use, each with its own cost, speed and performance. For example AI Agents using the simple GPT-3.5 model for non-complicated tasks are relatively cheap with each message sent costing the agency $0.005 /message. This means that sending 1,000 messages using GPT-3.5 would cost $5.

For AI Agents utilizing the more advanced GPT-4o model, the cost per message response is $0.02. So, sending 1,000 messages using GPT-4o would cost $20.

Full SaaS Mode subscribers have the ability to add their own LLM API keys which avoids the cost per message to Stammer.

What is the 'Agency Wallet'?

The Agency Wallet is a prepaid balance that agencies maintain on the Stammer platform to cover the costs associated with the use of AI Agents.

As an agency, you add funds to your wallet, and each time one of your AI Agents responds, the cost of generating that response is deducted from your wallet balance.

Note that your clients also have their 'Sub-Account Wallet'. This balance allows clients to manage and pay for messages from you. (Example: You "buy" a GPT-4o message from Stammer for $0.02 and immediately resell it to your client for $0.05)

How do I add more funds to my Agency Wallet?

There are two ways to add funds to your Agency Wallet:

  1. Manual Top-up: At any time, you can manually add money to your Agency Wallet by clicking the '+ Add Balance' button. This allows you to add funds on an as-needed basis, putting you in full control of your spending.

  2. Auto-billing: To ensure your Agency Wallet always has sufficient funds, you can enable auto-billing. With this feature, you set a billing threshold and a recharge amount. When your balance falls below the threshold, the system will automatically add the specified recharge amount to your wallet.

For example, you can set auto-billing to trigger when your balance is lower than $10 and to recharge your credit card on file for $10. This ensures you maintain a minimum balance of $10, and whenever it drops below that, $10 will be added automatically to your agency wallet.

'Credit at Signup' - What's that?

For new subscribers, signing up for a paid plan comes with a complimentary credit to your Agency Wallet. This initial balance is designed to cover the cost of messages during your testing phase and while onboarding your first client, helping you get started without additional upfront costs.

How do I make money with Stammer?

As an agency using Stammer, you can generate revenue in two primary ways:

  1. Subscription Packages: Customize and sell AI Agent subscriptions to your clients. Determine the features, usage limits, and support level for each package tier. Agencies typically price these subscriptions between $300 to $500 per month per AI Agent, depending on what features and support level included.

  2. Usage-Based Services: Set your own prices for additional messages, AI Agents, and data storage that clients can purchase as needed. Most agencies charge a 3x to 5x markup on these services compared to their own costs. This allows you to earn a profit on every interaction and upgrade beyond the base subscription.

How does billing work for my clients?

Clients' sub-accounts use the Sub-Account Wallet system. Clients add funds to their wallet, and the price you set per AI Agent response is deducted from their balance. When a client's balance runs low, they must purchase more funds from your agency directly.

Compare Plans

Starter Agency Full SaaS Mode
Billed Monthly $49 /mo $197 /mo $497 /mo
Credit at Sign Up (One-Time) $25 $100 $250
AI Agents 5 20 Unlimited
Client Sub-Accounts 20 Unlimited
Characters (Storage) 5,000,000 20,000,000 50,000,000
Website Chat Widget
Support Email & Chat Weekly Office Hours 1-on-1 Support
White Label Dashboard
AI Scheduling
AI Lead Capture
API & Webhooks
Bring Your Own API Keys
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