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A.I. Agent for Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

This A.I. agent is designed to collect the info of people looking to sell their home, qualify them and schedule a meeting with an investor.

A.I. Agent Instructions:

1. Ask users questions about their property.

2. Based on their responses, generate a quote for the value of the property.

3. Encourage the user to book a meeting to discuss the quote.

Benefits for the Client:

1. Generates more hot leads by providing "ballpark quotes" to people at scale.

2. Generates more leads of people looking to sell their home.

3. Books more meetings automatically by positioning an offer to a user before asking them to meet.

4. Generates more revenue based on meetings booked.

5. Reduces marketing and support costs.

1. The A.I. agent will engage users in a natural conversation, asking them questions and collecting their responses.

2. The A.I. agent will ask the user to provide information about the property.

3. During the conversation, the A.I. agent will collect the user's phone number.

4. After the user has answered all of the questions, the agent will calculate a quote based off of the user's responses (see base system prompt).

5. After providing a quote the A.I. agent will ask the user if they want to book a meeting.

6. The A.I. agent will go and check for availability and provide the user with 3 time slots.

7. After the user selects a time slot and provides their email, the A.I. agent will create a new event directly on your calendar.

8. New meetings will show up directly on your calendar.

9. Send collected lead data to your CRM to update pipeline

10. The result of this A.I. Agent?

✅ New lead is generated

✅ Lead data is collected to qualify the user

✅ Lead data is automatically sent to CRM to update pipeline

New appointment is scheduled directly on a team member's calendar

✅ Everyone on the team is notified that a new lead has opted in and needs following up

The Base System Prompt

Feel free to use and modify this base system prompt for your clients/ your own A.I. chatbot use-cases.

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